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Next ASD Session:

8th July 2018 + Summer BBQ

  • 10.15am-12.15pm
  • Kit-up: from 9.30am

Items available for sale/donation to ASD - Ski boots, Ski related gear, DVDs & Books, Ski Poles and Skis

Click here to watch a video from ASD's July session

Welcome to Aldershot Snowsports for the Disabled

Aldershot Snowsports for the Disabled is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club that allows people of all ages to experience different types of snowsports in a safe and secure environment. The club has been running for over 40 years and is affiliated to Snowsports England, the national governing body for snowsports. Learning how to ski and snowboard is good for building strength, coordination and confidence, and is also great fun! ASD has recently become the first disabled ski club in the country to achieve Snowmark accreditation.

Congratulations to all the ASD skiers who took part in the Special Olympics race day at Aldershot on May 20th 2018.  Skiers came from as far afield as West Midlands, Norfolk and Exeter competing at all levels from Novice to Advanced.  The medal haul for our ASD skiers was very impressive ranging from bronze to gold across the three levels.  However, none of this would have been possible without all the volunteers who made the day such a success, particularly Derek and Sonette Oosthuizen who not only organised the event, but also the fantastic bbq that has now become a key part of the day.