Committee Members

The ASD Committee

  • Chair: Jan Williams
  • Treasurer: Paul Baldwin
  • Pairings Secretary: David Sinden/Mike Nell - assisted by Karen Oosthuizen
  • Welfare Officer: Paul Hulcoop
  • Asst Welfare Officer: Judith Hillary
  • Safety Officer: Graham Hitchins - assisted by Paul Dench
  • Equipment Officer: Alan Burchett
  • Training Officer: Paul Hulcoop
  • Information Officer: Devdan Sen
  • Coach: Pete Jesse
  • Registration: Karen Aloe
  • Special Olympics: Derek Oosthuizen
  • Development Officer: Sarah Baldwin
  • Committee Members: Cristina Baker, Adrian Carey, Rachel Englefield, Kathleen Grehan

If you would like to get in touch with any of the committee please either use the contact form or speak to one of the team at our monthly sessions