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Mikey - Special Olympics 2014

Would you like to Help?

To find out more about the tasks Helpers are involved in at our sessions please click here. We are always keen to have new volunteers - skiers and non skiers, so please contact us to find out more. 

ASD/SSCD Grade 3 Guide Disability Awareness Course

In previous years the SSCD training team has delivered their Disability Awareness Grade 3 Guide Course at Aldershot. If you are interested in attending one of these courses in the future, please contact us. The course is usually run over one weekend in the summer months.

The course enables participants to gain a better understanding of the equipment and our adaptive techniques, including sit skis, and equipment such as training bars, tethering, delivering parts of a lesson using non verbal communication (a hearing impaired session) and skiing with specially adapted goggles to experience partial sight before being set off to ski blindfold down the slope with instructions being given by radio.

Training Subsidies for Volunteers

The Club has funds available to support volunteers with any training requirements that benefit members.  To find out more please contact the Chair or Treasurer for more information.